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Welcome to our Electroneum Cryptocurrency community market place where we’re pleased to offer free and easy to set up store fronts. Things to know are that we accept all the regular currencies and Electroneum (ETN) in payment and charge no fees or commission excepting those charged by Paypal.

Buying and Selling Using ETN

However while our market place accepts both forms of payment. We can only pay out a seller’s balance in regular currency at this time. Vendors are therefore encouraged to post screenshots of their ETN QR codes in their store and item descriptions in order to facilitate direct transactions.

Using ETN’s QR Codes

Using QR codes to make a payment is just  a matter of selecting the Wallet tab of the Electroneum application, PAY, scanning the code and following the prompts. The ETN application can generate codes for receiving payments too. Buyers and sellers should agree a sale before making a transaction.


Featured Stores

  • Handmade items always have the person’s mark on them,
    and when you hold them, you feel less alone.

    Brian Peterson, Shop Owner
  • Handmade is not just about creativity, it is about the
    person you’re becoming while you’re creating.

    Mary Lockhart, Shop Owner
  • You can’t buy hapiness, but you can buy handmade
    and that is kind of the same thing.

    Nicholas Woods, Shop Owner

Featured Items