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Preface –

“The Real RealityPreface:

All of the events described in this book happened to me as they are written. There are people who are tuned into things who will know it’s the truth, and there are others who are firmly stuck in the illusion who will see it as something else. I wanted to tell my story to help others like me, and to open up as many minds as I could, and to show everyone that the universe is limitless. I suppose at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who believes in what. Our belief systems are our own business.

The problem with my story is it questions our entire reality and there are not many people who are willingto step intothe unknown. We all like to play it safe. To take in a story like this you need to suspend whatever belief system you have and look at the universe from the point of view of an observer. Be objective and lose the judgement.

I never really believed this book would be written. I always figured there were so many people talking about their experiences that the world had enough of these types of books. I had always questioned myself that no one would believe it so why bother. In the end someone I met on my path convinced me to do it.This story started a long time ago really but it’s the last 5 years or so that areof particular significance.

I hope you enjoy this,and if it makes you stop and question everything so much the better.

With thanks to Yvette.”

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